BMW Recalls 1 Million Cars Over Fire Risk Exhaust System


BMW Recalls 1 Million Cars Over Fire Risk Exhaust System

On Tuesday, the German high-end car manufacturer BMW recalls it would recall over one million additional diesel cars, stating a problem with the exhaust system that “in extreme cases can cause a fire”.

“In some diesel vehicles, glycol cooling fluid can leak from a faulty component called the exhaust gas recirculation cooler, which can combine with other substances in the system to create the fire risk,” the company said.

BMW said that instead they are getting in touch with sellers who get in touch with the owners of affected vehicles, and arrange a check up.

“The exhaust recirculation module will be checked and if there is a fault the parts will be exchanged,” the BMW group said.

Earlier in August, BMW had a recall for Europe and some Asian countries of over 480,000 vehicles which were affected by the same issue, and sent an apology in South Korea after over 30 cars caught fire there.

On Tuesday, it said that it had checked more diesel models and identified a “minimal risk” of fire in some of them.

The latest recall involves a total number of cars affected to some 1.6 million around the world.

Shares in BMW shed 1.4 per cent to trade at 73.38 euros ($84.21) in Frankfurt by 11:45 am (0945 GMT), against a DAX index of blue-chip German shares down 2.1 per cent.


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