Car Sales in Pakistan is Rising Despite the Higher Prices


Karachi: Car Sales in Pakistan is growing despite the rise in prices. Different automobile manufacturers in Pakistan have expanded the costs on their autos in a previous couple of months. According to some financial analysts, the devaluation of Pakistani Rupee is the primary reason of rise in prices.

Regardless of these cost builds, auto deals have kept on developing. Vehicle deals went up by 6,741 units in total in March, contrasted with the deals from February. In general, 153,051 units of motorcycles, three-wheelers, and different vehicles of various classifications were sold amid the most recent month when contrasted with the 146,310 units sold a month prior to that.


Toyota sold 708 units of its Hilux Model in a single month. Company sold 4,642 units of its Corolla models a month ago. The number expanded from 4,034 units in the long stretch of February.


Honda remains the undisputed pioneer in the motorcycle industry once more as its bikes saw a noteworthy climb regarding deal in March. The organization sold a stunning 108,736 units in the month when contrasted with its February’s offers of 84,630 units. Honda also sold 4,665 units of its City and Civic models in March and recorded an expansion from 3,900 units that it sold in February.


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