Formula Student UK 2018: All-girls Pakistani team from NUST won award


The all-girls Pakistani team of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) engineers won the Spirit of Formula Student Award in Formula Student UK 2018.

The team of all female engineers from NUST won the Spirit of Formula Student Award in Formula Student UK 2018. They were also given a standing ovation in the award ceremony as they were the first-ever totally female team in the competition’s history.

The name of their team is “Team Auj” and they compete with several teams from different countries. Formula Student UK 2018 is a great platform that offers opportunity to students to develop their own single seater race cars.

Team Auj Members

Team Auj consisted of female engineers from different disciplines including industrial and electrical engineers. In addition, there were also members from business management. Azka Athar Was the team lead. Fatima Sohail, Minahil Malik, Wardah Jamal, Hira Ejaz, Laiba Rodyna, Sabah Zaman, Aartrah Rauf Shaikh, Hanadi Hayat, and Harim Akhtar were among other members.

Significance of Formula Student UK 2018

It is Europe’s highly acknowledged technical competition. In addition, it is sponsored by prominent specialists and ventures. The competition intends to create imaginative and ambitious youthful designers from around the globe and urge more individuals to begin a profession in engineering.

Every year several contenders participate in the competiton who are entrusted with creating a model of a single seat race auto. This car is then introduced to an assembling firm.

Groups are judged by authorities toward the end based on several performance factors such as fuel economy, acceleration, sprint, skidpad, etc.


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