Honda is Offering Free Airbag Replacement for Different Car models


Honda revealed that they are offering free airbag replacement for different models.

Honda launched the free airbag replacement service to avoid the possible threats from the malfunctioned airbags. The company is advising customers for the checkup of their cars and the free installation of new airbags. However, Honda also launched the similar sort of campaign in 2017. The campaign was about the replacement of Takata airbags in Honda Accord (2004-2012), Honda C-RV (2008-2011), and Honda Civic (2006-2012).

This time, Honda decided to inspect and replace SRS airbags in different car models. However, Honda Accord 2004-2012, Honda CRV 2008-2011, and Honda Civic Reborn 2006-2012 will be covered under free airbag replacement service.

How to Get the Free Airbag Replacement?

You just have to visit Honda Authorised 2S/3S dealerships in your area to get the free replacement of your car’s airbag. In addition, you can also visit their official website to confirm that whether or not your car is eligible for the free replacement. You can also call on Honda Service Center at 0304-1118882.


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