IG Police Urge to Increasing Traffic Fines by 2000% in Lahore


IG Police Urge to Increasing Traffic Fines by 2000% in Lahore

The Inspector General of Police Operations in Lahore has submitted a request to the provincial IG Police and Chief Traffic Officer to increase traffic violation fines up to Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,000 for vehicles like cars and motorcycles, respectively.

The penalties that are currently in works for breaking traffic regulations are Rs. 500 for car/jeep drivers and Rs. 200 for motorcycle drivers. Later, if the new fine rates are put into motion, the traffic rules violation charges will increase by 2000% for car drivers and 1000% for bikers.

According to the submitted letter, over 6000 rules are broken in Lahore on a daily basis, that causes traffic to slow down – which results in accidents, inconveniences, and other problems faced by individuals and officials on the roads. Lahore is one of the biggest cities in the country, and the amount of traffic flow in the city’s roads are in high volume throughout the day.

According to the traffic maintaince police, a way to improve Lahore’s traffic is to increase the traffic fines up by a whopping 1000% for bikers, and 2000% for car drivers, respectively. The police think that this will cause the citizens to be more respectful to the laws and eventually improve Lahore’s traffic situations overall in the future.

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The Recent Changes in Lahore Traffic Laws

The city has already taken steps to stop bikers from breaking the safety law by introducing a new rule to fine bikers who refuse to wear their safety helmets. Earlier than that, the Lahore High Court ordered the authorities to heavily fine and arrest the parents of underage children who let them drive cars.

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) also directed an e-challan system for Lahore recently which will monitor the traffic flow and fine drivers who violate any traffic rules. For now, the system is set to only impose traffic fines on those individuals who don’t stop at a red light.

However, e-challans will soon issue other types of violations as well, and if not listened to, will be delivered to the violator’s address via courier service.


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