ITP put ban on heavy bikes from entering residential areas of Islamabad


Islamabad Traffic Police or ITP provided some relief to the citizens after putting the ban on heavy bikes.

ITP imposed ban on heavy bikes and now they cannot enter in the residential areas of Islamabad. According to sources, bikers won’t be allowed the heavy bike riding between 9pm to 6am in the residential areas.

Islamabad Traffic Police took the step after receiving several complaints from city’s residents. However, they complained that traffic hindrance and noise pollution is increasing due to the heavy bikes. In addition, heavy bikes are also running through the signal free corridor on each day.

The ban is imposed till the further announcement and ITP requested bikers community to make a co-operation with local authorities. After the ban was imposed, a mixed reaction is coming from the people. However, some are calling it absurd while others praising the act.

Islamabad Traffic Police is also taking action against people who are using pressure horn and tinted glasses in their cars.


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