Journey through Punjab, An Epic Adventure fueled by PSO


Exploring Pakistan is quickly becoming a trend. One comes across many interesting social media based groups that helps you journey to the remote and beautiful locations of Pakistan.

However when we get to hear about people who took the roads on their own to discover Pakistan’s natural beauty; it often makes us gasp in wonder. Will it be safe? What if your vehicle breaks down? What if you run out of fuel?

True adventurers however don’t have to fear about anything. They know that their companion on the road is PSO which means great vehicle performance and a fueling station at even the remotest corners of Pakistan will keep them going.

Guliafshan Tariq is such a brave explorer. An avid biker who breaks the record for cycling to the highest border of the world. She is a trained fighter and a member of Pakistan’s National Youth assembly. She is a brand ambassador of ‘Ladies of Pakistan’ and Tedx Speaker 2016. She believes in promoting a positive message of Pakistan and she took this initiative one step ahead by taking a trip through Punjab…..on her bike.

But she didn’t do it alone. With her faith firmly planted on her courage and her sponsor PSO, Guliafshan set out to explore a Punjab in a whole new way.

From discovering the legendary Derawar fort to visiting the historical landmarks of Punjab in Sialkot and Chiniot; Guliafshan discovered not only the cultural, historical and natural beauty of the region but also the hospitality and love of the beautiful people of Pakistan which the world often ignores to tell.

However, PSO as Pakistan’s flagship brand holds a very unique place in the heart of every Pakistani. As an enabler of journey, PSO practically fuels every mile that we as a nation spend in moving from one point to another. The fact that PSO sponsored Guliafshan to take this courageous speaks a lot about brand’s benevolent nature and how it serves as a shining beacon of confidence for the whole nation when it comes to making journeys.

You can embark upon any journey to explore the gorgeous locations of Pakistan with a companion like PSO. It truly understands your journey requirements, and has perfect fuel in the form of Blaze 4T and Altron X to keep you going. Know that you will never run out of fuel on your quest to discovering Pakistan on your own.

So, don’t hesitate in following your passion. Believe in yourself and choose PSO to accompany you in your journey to discover Pakistan.


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