MG HS Essence launch date announced by MG Motors Pakistan

Morris Garages (MG) Motors Pakistan has announced officially that reservations for the locally produced MG HS, now known as the HS Essence, will commence on December 12, 2022.

Javed Afridi MG Motors HS Essence

The news piqued the curiosity of the automotive world, as only fully imported entirely built-up (CBU) MG HS units were on the marketplace. Citizens will be able to watch MG HS’s Complete Knockdown (CKD) units, called “MG HS Essence,” wandering the streets in a few months.

Javed Afridi, CEO of MG Motors Pakistan, confirmed on Twitter that booking for the MG HS Essence will roll on December 12. (Monday).

The CKD version of the MG HS Essence may be booked in both full and half payment, according to the specifics. The SUV costs roughly Rs. 6,899,000, with shipment expenses varying by city.

The following are the transit rates for each city:

Islamabad = Rs. 30,500

Lahore = Rs. 10,000

Karachi = Rs. 29,000

Peshawar = 33,500

Faisalabad = Rs. 25,000

Gujrat = Rs. 21,000

Sialkot = Rs. 21,500

Interestingly, the MG HS Essence now includes a Pakistani map. Automatic Emergency Braking and Intelligent Speed Assist System have been deactivated in the CKD version. Although, the MG Pilot function remains intact.

The business stated that has deactivated the functionality after examining input from about 10,000 MG HS (CBU) users.

MG HS essence launch in Pakistan

It remains to be seen whether MG will begin bookings for MG HS Essence on December 12th, as its CEO, Javed Afridi, is known for making exciting announcements, the majority of which have not been accomplished.

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