No fuel for motorcyclists without helmet in Islamabad


The Islamabad administration decided to put ban on the motorcyclists without helmet.

Now, motorcyclists without helmet cannot buy the fuel in Islamabad. However, the ban is already implemented in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi.

Federal authorities have put the ban on selling petrol to motorcyclists without helmet. However, Office of District Magistrate also issued the notification related to this matter.

According to the notification, there have been 68 deadly accidents of motorcyclists reported in 2018. However, in 50 cases, riders were not wearing the safety helmets when the accident occurred. In addition, the death ratio of motorcyclists without helmet is around 75% in Islamabad.

The notification further elaborated that in view forgoing, it is directed that all fuel stations shall ensure that fuel may not be sold to motorcyclists without the safety helmet. However, a full-fledged ban is been imposed on selling fuel to motorcyclist without wearing safety helmets in the interest of public safety.

Earlier, Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, IG Sindh Police ordered Karachi police chief to persuade owners of petrol pumps in major parts of Karachi to make sure that no fuel is sold to any motorcyclist who is not using the helmet.


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