NOWPDP is Providing Hand Controlled Rickshaws to Handicapped People


NOWPDP took an CSR initiative as the company is offering hand controlled rickshaws to the disabled people.

A non-benefit association, NOWPDP, has reported an activity to open the employment doors for the handicapped or disabled people of Pakistan by distributing hand-controlled rickshaws.

In Pakistan, the legislature has not done what’s necessary to help the handicapped network, abandoning it to neighborhood business visionaries and non-benefits to bring it into their hands to make life less demanding for the less blessed. NOWPDP is an association that spotlights on consideration through strengthening of people with incapacities. Working in the advancement area, they have various projects to guarantee that Persons with incapacities (PWDs) have break even with access to circumstances and are a necessary segment of society.

The Rickshaw Project, another activity by NOWPDP, is the dispatch of another an armada of rickshaws which have been retrofitted to be hand-controllable. People with disbailities in Karachi will run these hand controlled rickshaws. The venture will at first begin with five drivers with bring down appendage impedances, yet they mean to have around 100 rickshaws and potential 100 work open doors for people with handicaps soon.

They will give professional classes or training in the beginning to outfit people with disabilities with the required rickshaw driving skills alongside its fundamental repair close by a medical coverage to ensure the drivers and their families.

It is likewise significant that NOWPDP has been currently working for the strengthening of PWDs. They have figured out how to prepare more than 500 PWDs, making 250+ occupation positions en route.


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