Online ride hailing services are getting costlier in Punjab


Online ride hailing services will get a high price in Punjab after imposing sales taxes by the government on charges for the services.

The cabinet committee on legislative business Punjab agreed to the imposition of a 4% provincial sales tax on online services in Punjab. The decision was taken after the approval of the proposal by the committee for the imposition of the sales tax on online ride services.

This tax will apply to the charges taken by the ride services on all available online services in the province and after this fares will also increase consequently.

The 22nd cabinet committee meeting was held in the Civil Secretariat which was supervised by Provincial Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Social Welfare, Raja Basharat. Provincial Minister for Higher Education, Raja Yasir Humayun, Minister for Excise and Taxation, Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed and other senior officers were also there.

It is such a bad news for daily users of online ride hailing services because it will surely affect them.


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