Suzuki Bolan AC Variant Will Be Relaunched Soon


After announcing the discontinuation of Bolan and Ravi, Pak Suzuki is now launching the Bolan AC variant. The manufacturer is producing the vehicle for more than 40 years with little to no change. It is one of the best-selling products by the company in Pakistan. Recently it announced to discontinue Suzuki Bolan and Ravi, but now it is considering a re-launch, with an added feature “Air conditioner”.

In 1979, the original Suzuki Carry was launched in the country. Since then, Pak Suzuki Motors Company is producing vehicles for now more than forty years. A number of Government programs have aided the sales of Suzuki Bolan. World’s largest Ambulance network, Edhi Ambulance service comprises heavily of Suzuki Bolan.

However, it is not the first time Suzuki is introducing the AC variant of Bolan. It was also launched in 2006 but discontinued shortly due to poor sales. The vehicle is manufactured in the Bin Qasim plant of PMSC. It was earlier speculated that Pak Suzuki will offer its Minivan Every after discontinuing Bolan, which has plenty of features as compared to the Hi-roof.

Suzuki is offering the same vehicle for the past forty years. The 7th generation variant of Bolan we are getting right now was discontinued in 1989 internationally. Currently, Suzuki is offering the 11th generation of Carry across the Globe, including Indonesia. Nobody knows for how long Pak Suzuki is going to continue with the 1979 Bolan in Pakistan.


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