Suzuki Jimny Gets a Design Makeover for an Update in Year 2018


Suzuki company has given its mini-jeep, Jimny a design makeover in an update for year 2018.

The mini-jeep’s third recognizable model was released in the year 1998, with both off road and on road capabilities. Suzuki had been using the same design since its release for 20 whole years.

However the company has given the jeep a makeover for its design which will be available in lively colors. Fans of the mini-jeep can look forward to its release later on in 2018.

Suzuki has not released too many specifications for the fourth-gen model other than pictures of interior and exterior. The company has also set up a page on their global site dedicated to the upcoming fresh look of Jimny.

The design is similar to the company’s five-door Suzuki Hustler’s boxy look. The color features in two color schemes, two-tone colors and single tone color. In double tone, pictures of Kinetic Yellow, Brisk Blue Metallic and Chiffon Ivory Metallic are shown. While a shade of monochrome colors is available in single tone colors for the jeep.

For the interior design, the page says “Straightforward, practical and down-to-earth beauty”. And it looks like a very simple and elegant interior with a GPS capable screen. The knobs and controls for air conditioning and fan control give a retro vibe.

For the frame of the car, a ladder frame has been installed while it has a 3-link rigid axle suspension. The car will also have a 4-wheel drive with low range transfer gear making it ideal for off road and on road driving.

As for the engine and other specifics, the company has yet to release details regarding that. However; the new look is very promising and the company is hopeful people will welcome the makeover.


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