10 Reasons Co-Working Spaces are Best Option for Entrepreneurs and Startups


With the recent developments in Pakistan’s IT industry, Co-working spaces have increasingly begun to trend as an effective occupancy solution for startups. Shared office space or co-working space is a viable option to establish your startup, scale your team and immediately start working on your projects. These co-working hubs are the perfect answer to reduce the overhead costs of your business, especially when your company is transitioning towards the growth phase.

Co-working hubs have begun to outweigh traditional offices in many aspects. These spaces are based on a lucrative occupancy model that gives entrepreneurs and their workforce some of the best incentives, autonomy, and atmosphere to set up their company. In this article we take the opportunity to share 10 reasons why leasing a co-working space is the best decision you will make for your startu

  1. Improved Work Culture

Your employees value the investment you put to provide a higher quality of work environment for them. It stimulates a sense of pride within your worker, helping them identify their place beside you and soar as individuals in the company.

  1. Cost-Efficient

While co-working spaces offer a vast range of facilities and amenities, they are surprisingly budget-savvy given the high quality of workspace provisions and top of the line features they have to give.

  1. Features and Amenities

Aside from an elegant space to work, you also privilege from a 24/7 open kitchen, printers and photocopiers, fast Wi-Fi access and even a snack bar in case you get the munchies.

  1. Faster Business Growth

Co-working spaces foster a progressive culture of innovation and synergy among entrepreneurs who appreciate inter-business collaboration to build links and thrive as a community.

  1. Easy Recruitment 

Co-working spaces are rich with diverse talent. This allows entrepreneurs to easily suitable resources without going through the burdensome stages of hiring a headhunting agency, adding a human resourcing unit or opening vacancies at job portals.

  1. Smooth Transition

Startups are not required to pay any security deposits or fear any hidden charges. Co-Working Spaces such as TheDesk.pk offer flexible occupancy plans with 100% transparency on the payment structure.

  1. Declared Legitimacy 

It legitimizes your business as a registered entity, adhering to Pakistan’s company formation laws and other legal terms that come with it. It saves your startup from the pain of unnecessary scrutiny and penalties that would have been levied in case you could not prove a physical presence.

  1. Work Autonomy 

A flexible environment gives employees a profound sense of freedom and loyalty. This allows workers to practice full control over their work-day and perform their tasks more productively.

  1. Diverse Occupancy Plans

Co-working spaces such as TheDesk.pk offer optimized occupancy plans for different tiers of co-workers. This may range from a simple part-time employee to a full-scale enterprise. These options are customizable and can be tailored according to the entrepreneur’s preferences.

  1. Sound Exit Strategy 

Last but not least, it entails minimal financial backlash if your business operations take a nosedive. Running your startup at a co-working space you will not have to take the brunt for infrastructure costs, office equipment, electricity bills, and other added services that traditional offices require.


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