50% Pakistan Exports are Reduced to 10 Countries


Islamabad: The aim to find new Pakistan exports is still a dream as more than 50% of the Pakistan exports were reduced to 10 countries.

According to sources, Pakistan exports have been restricted to only a few countries and Pakistan is exporting 55% products to 10 countries. These countries include America, China, UAE, Afghanistan, Britain, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Italy, and Spain.

Of the total volume of Pakistan exports, the United States is 16% and 11% of the products are exported to the EU. According to the document, China’s exports decreased to 7 percent during the fiscal year compared to 9 percent of the financial year 2015-16. Afghanistan has also reduced its exports.

50% of Pakistan imports are from 5 countries. According to the sources, Pakistan imports 50% of its imports from China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Indonesia. China’s imports have reduced by 6 percent. During the current fiscal year, imports from China in Pakistan during July, due to decreasing from 32% to 25% in the previous financial year. During the corresponding financial year, imports were imported from China to Rs 917 billion which was more than 973 billion during the corresponding period of the last fiscal year.

India’s dependence on imports has increased in some countries; China’s 50 percent of total imports from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia are invited from these countries. During the July fiscal year, Pakistan’s imports reduced by 2% to the United Arab Emirates. During the last financial year, the imports from the United Arab Emirates are 438 billion rupees, while the exports from the UAE in the same period of the current fiscal year remain 445 billion.

According to the sources, 12% of the total imports of imports from the United Arab Emirates were 14% during the fiscal year. According to the report, the imports have also reduced by 1% to the US. During the last financial year, the imports from the US in domestic imports were 5% lower than 4% in the fiscal year.

In addition, the total imports from Saudi Arabia were 4% of the total imports during July-July. During the corresponding period of last financial year, the rate was 5%. According to the report, there has been no change compared to the previous financial year in Kuwait, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia.


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