Asad Umar asks FBR to simplify tax filing procedure in Pakistan


Finance Minister Asad Umar ordered Federal Board of Revenue or FBR about tax filing procedure in Pakistan to make it simple for people.

The tax filing procedure in Pakistan should be made simple, as Finance Minister Asad Umar called on FBR today. He said that the amount of questions FBR asks you for your returns is more than those asked when you are accepting a marriage proposal for your daughter.

Asad Umar said that FBR should integrate its database and simply the mechanism for filing taxes. He added that the FBR would give a simplified tax system in this budget.

“Instructions in Urdu will be available on the website. They will not be hidden in some drawer. We have to create transparency.”

Finance Minister further said that the government was bringing an asset declaration scheme. “There should be no doubt that the scheme will be successful when people know they won’t be able to hide when it expires.”

“FBR capacity to reach those who are not paying the right taxes has drastically improved,” he stressed.


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