Cargill Investment in Pakistan: US company is aiming for $200 million


The renowned American company Cargill Inc will do the investment in Pakistan.

Cargill Investment in Pakistan will worth $200 million. However, the investment will be over the next 3 to 5 years in the areas of animal feed, edible oils, and dairy.

A statement followed by the meeting between PM Imran Khan and company executives revealed that the expected investment will provide great assistance to the economic development and the contribution to the local employment.

The statement further revealed that the company will expand its operations across the supply chain and agricultural trading, dairy, animal feed, meat, and edible oils.

Cargill is the global agriculture and food producer with the key focus on Asia. However, the company is aiming to partner on the growth of Pakistan by bringing the investment and global expertise into different sectors.

The announcement comes on an occasion when Pakistan is dealing with the high pressure on the foreign exchange reserves.


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