China is devoted to do about $5 billion US dollar investment in Pakistan


Chinese corporate sector, are in consideration for the investment in Pakistan.

For the investment in Pakistan, several Chinese companies showed keen interest. In the upcoming coming years, China is willing to invest $5 billion US dollars. A Chinese delegation visited Pakistan with the representatives of 55 Chinese companies and had a meeting with PM Imran Khan yesterday.

Chinese are in corporation to Pakistan for businesses to promote and create trade link for the betterment of the country, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said.

The Meeting is said to be the follow up of the Prime Minister’s visit to China earlier in the month of April, where both the countries dedication, on the trade and investment was mutual.

The Chinese business sector is interested in multiple areas of enterprises for investment. This statement was issued after the meeting with the delegation by PM office. Over 55,000 jobs will be generated after the industrial setup by Chinese companies.

Prime Minister praises China for being side by side with Pakistan in the tough times. Pakistan has potential for the foreigners to invest and it will be a game changer for the trade relations for both the countries.


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