Chinese loan to Pakistan: $2.1 billion will be transferred on Monday


According to sources, the Chinese loan to Pakistan of around $2.1 billion will be transferred on March 25.

$2.1 billion Chinese loan to Pakistan will be transferred in the SBP or State Bank of Pakistan. However, the draft is finalized between the Chinese Bank and the State Bank of Pakistan. With the upcoming Chinese loan to Pakistan, the foreign reserves of Pakistan will crossed over $17 billion.

On March 12, Pakistan also received $1 billion from UAE that will further enhance the balance-of-payment situation. However, UAE had earlier pledged $3 billion to support Pakistan overcome its balance of payment crisis.

Pakistan also made a request to Werner Liepach, DG Central and West Asia Department of the ADB. The ADB official arrived in Pakistan a few days before a scheduled visit of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) new mission chief. IMF mission chief is arriving on 26th of this month on his maiden visit to Pakistan, where he will stay for 2 days.


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