CNG prices in Pakistan may increase to Rs104 per Kg


Owners of filling stations across the country decided to increase CNG prices in Pakistan.

New CNG prices in Pakistan will be Rs98/Kg as All Pakistan CNG Stations Owners Association is considering this rate. However, according to the head of the association, in interior Sindh, it may goes up to Rs 100 per Kg.

According to sources, the new gas prices will go up to Rs 104 per Kg. However, the decision came after the meeting between CNG pumps owners.

Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI), on the other side said that if CNG prices in Pakistan go up then they will not be able to run their buses.

According to estimation, there are 9.36 million domestic customers of gas across Pakistan. However, for them gas rates may be increased from 10% to 143%.


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