Consumer Online Shopping Trends for 2019-20


As technological advancements are taking over, the e-commerce industry is transforming rapidly. Keeping up with the latest trends is vital to sustaining and expanding your online business.
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) has grown exponentially in the last decade and is envisaged to become more popular in the upcoming years. The wide acceptance of online shopping portals like Cheetay shows the future trends of shopping in Pakistan. What makes Cheetay different from the other companies is that it caters all the needs of the consumers delivering food, beauty products, books, health care, grocery and baby care products. This prompt delivery service has recently started operations in Karachi after Lahore and Islamabad.

More People Are Shopping on Mobile Devices

In the past few years, the e-commerce analysts and merchants have witnessed a noteworthy increase in the mobile shopping traffic in Pakistan, but conversion rates in this area are still lacking, making it a vital area of weakness for many owners of the e-commerce companies.
In the present year, e-commerce merchants should consider trying to capture this lost revenue from mobile shoppers, and the best way to go about this is by optimizing the mobile experience.
Providing consumers with a trouble-free and easy way to navigate the site along with a quick process of checkout will ultimately result in a much-needed boost in online mobile sales.

Consumers Are Using Social Media to Browse

Since Facebook took over management of Instagram in 2012, this social media app has become the most frequently used platform with more than 500 million daily users. This social media giant has also taken over the world of advertising with sponsored social media posts and advertisements enabling customers to come across products based on their interests and make a purchase instantly through the mobile apps.
Nevertheless, the current major hurdle with social media marketing is that most people are using the apps to browse for items, but they go back to the website later on a computer to purchase something. A lot of the issues that concern m-commerce conversion rates also affect social media conversions, so addressing these problems will be important in the coming years.

Digital Wallets as Payment Options

As buyers hesitate to use cash as a means of payment, new methods of buying have gained favour. Digital wallets are becoming popular among consumers for purchasing goods both in stores and online. The main aim of these services is to protect the user’s payment data, such as credit and debit card numbers or bank account information which is used to complete transactions. Digital wallets are beneficial in the sense that the consumers are not required to enter their sensitive data again and again. When the information has been stored, the buyer can simply pick the service that they use, and then the financial data is transmitted to the merchant’s payment gateway. Digital wallets can solve the issue of struggling m-commerce and social media conversion rates as it expedites the checkout process, making it simpler for consumers to speedily purchase on a mobile device.

Voice Search

With a growing number of people using smart assistant devices, shopping via voice search is gaining popularity now. SEO marketing tactics are beneficial for e-commerce businesses and it is vital to implement voice search tactics into SEO methods to capture more traffic along with potential new buyers. It is essential to evaluate the way online shoppers behave for understanding the marketing strategy of 2019. E-commerce companies should stay informed about the latest trends to anticipate what the target audience is searching for in an online shopping experience.


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