Daraz expanding its categories to provide the perfect shopping experience to its consumers


One of the major emerging phenomena`s in Pakistan is online shopping as day by day it is fortifying its roots in the society. The e-commerce industry has made the buyers more aware by providing them easy access with a wide variety of choices at their doorstep.  The fast-paced growth of the emerging ecommerce phenomenon in Pakistan has encouraged a number of brick-and-mortar businesses to invest in online shopping portals in order to remain competitive in the new landscape and better cater to the needs of their customers.

Leading the ecommerce revolution is Daraz. The app boasts a catalogue of over 5 million products sourced from over 17,000 marketplace sellers, leading brands, and international vendors. This impressive assortment includes everything from electronic appliances to fresh fruit and vegetables. The cutting-edge e-commerce platform’s efficient warehouse systems and a highly dependable customer care centres make Daraz stand out from other similar companies.

What could be better than having a closet on your laptop or phone with an endless variety of items that can reflect any person`s individuality? The Daraz app is personalised so that each customer can easily find things that they are interested in; products that perfectly fit their needs. With 2 million items sourced from international vendors and parked under the Global Collections section, Daraz customers have access to goods that are not easily available in the local market. This aspect provides buyers the convenience of having good quality and low-priced products from abroad shipped directly to their doorsteps. They also have the option to pay cash on delivery for these products. Daraz provides nationwide shipping along with a 7-day return policy.

Initially, Daraz began with a website but seeing how technology is taking over, it launched Daraz app which has a user-friendly interface that makes shopping as easy as possible. Daraz aims to add more fun and exciting features to its app. Typically, customers are attracted to the authenticity of products on offer. In order to cater to this need, Daraz has launched image reviews, instant messaging so that customers can make more informed purchasing decisions.

Image review is an intriguing new feature which allows the buyers to post pictures of their products with a comprehensive review on the Daraz app. This allows various customers to share experience in a detailed form and enables others looking to make similar purchases to consider these reviews before making any purchase.  Another exciting and useful feature is instant messaging which allows buyers and sellers to communicate in an effective manner. The purchasers have the liberty to ask questions about products and receive prompt replies. By seeking advice from sellers, customers can assess if a product fits their requirements and evaluate the quality of the product, as well.

Daraz being the leading e-commerce market provides purchase protection to its customers; the company has taken stringent measures to make sure that the buyers are protected from any kind of fraud before, during and after their purchase. This vital feature supplies customers the biggest collection of authentic and brand new items along with safe and secure payments. The data of the consumers are completely protected whether they are paying through cash or digital payments. Lastly, easy and free returns are just cherry on the top for buyers using Daraz for their day to day purchases. All in all, with time, online shopping is expected to experience a great rise with more to be expected in the upcoming years. With the feasibility of ordering things online with the luxury to sit at home, online shopping is for sure a treat for people all across the world.


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