DigiSkills.pk contributes toward growth trend of Freelancers in Pakistan


Islamabad 26th August 2019: DigiSkills.pk successfully starts the fourth batch of its program in August 2019, providing training in the spheres of Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Literacy, Digital Marketing, AutoCAD, WordPress, Creative Writing, QuickBooks, Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimization.

Digiskills.pk is Pakistan’s largest training program, developed and run through Ignite, under the ambit of Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom. Within a year more than 500,000 trainings have been given across Pakistan.

DigiSkills.pk is a unique platform from all other online training programs and has surpassed other blended training programs being offered in Pakistan, in terms of revenue earned and number of people trained. The success of this program can be attributed to not only its high demand in the market, unique content, coaching & support mechanisms but also to the processes and quality checks behind the curtain.

With the commencement of DigiSkills.pk program, the number of freelancers and their revenue growth has increased tremendously in Pakistan. According to the global payment platform Payoneer’s Global Gig Economy Index, published in Forbes, Pakistan now leads revenue growth in Asian freelance market with 47% year over year growth. The report also states that the number of freelancers in Pakistan has grown exponentially since the second quarter of 2018. This coincides directly with the start of first batch of DigiSkills.pk program and the growth rate has direct attribution to the progress of this program.

With Digiskills.pk in place, Pakistan is bound to conquer the global freelancing market; ultimately resulting in the economic growth and prosperity.


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