Duty Free Access: Business community of Pakistan is hopeful for the future


Pakistani businessmen are expecting a duty free access in the US market.

For duty free access, the business community is expecting good news during the upcoming PM Imran Khan visit to US. However, his visit will bring hope for the Pakistan business community for creating better relationships in import and export among the two countries and creating healthy relationship between the countries that will help in the economy growth of Pakistan which was badly affected in fighting against terrorism and country’s domestic issues.

Pakistan and US should cope with each other and find better business opportunity, with mutual understanding that should be, besides getting direct access to the United States market, no tax should be applied on Pakistani merchandise and goods in the US market.

Iftikhar Ahmed Malik,Founder Chairman of Pak-US business council, released a press  statement on Sunday saying that Pakistan doesn’t need any aid thus an immediate access to the American market. Pakistan faced many financial losses in the past few years in playing a major role in the war against terrorism for which Pakistan will need United States to support Pakistan in achieving its trade and industry richness.

Pakistan foremost exports to the United States are surgical goods, sports goods, leather, cotton yarn, carpets, and rice among the most. Pakistan should have incentives for the revival of its economy and President Donald Trump should announce it. He further added as USA is the largest trading partner of Pakistan with a trading volume of $6.7 billion.

Iftikhar further said that relations should be restored as it was before the incident of 9/11.


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