EBM Teams Up With The Youth Through PVCA

Karachi: EBM sponsored the 9th PVCA Inter-School Tournament whose grand finale took place on Sunday, December 30th 2018. The event was hosted by Pakistans largest biggest biscuit manufacturer EBM where 32 teams including eight government schools participated in the tournament.

The tournament proved to be a joyous occasion and a truly youth-empowering platform for all the talented youngsters. EBMs ideology behind collaborating with Pakistan Veteran Cricket Association (PVCA) and promoting grass root level cricket in the country,was to give the talented youth of Pakistan a proper direction and a grand platform to showcase their skills and pursue a professional cricket career from thereon.

EBM believes that the youth of Pakistan is extremely talented but they lack exposure and not many opportunities are available to them which affects their growth in the sport in many different ways. The event was a success and much appreciated by throngs of guests and spectators. The competitive and fun-filled final of 55-matches tournament was played between Al Fatima Academy and Kamran Public School,where Kamran Public School gained a fantastic victory.

The success of the tournament and the eagerness of youth to prove their potential shows that the youngster are not just the leaders of tomorrow – they are ready to change the world today, with their individual skills to bring glory for the country.



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