Finance Adviser Will Unveil Economic Survey 2017-18 Today


ISLAMABAD: Finance Adviser to the PM, Ismail Miftah, is going to unveil the Economic Survey 2017-18 Thursday afternoon.

The report shows a decreased percentage of national poverty rates by 4 to 5 percent, bringing it from 29.5 to below 25 percent of the total population.

The economic survey will also give the figures of the losses incurred by Pakistan in the war against terror. Pakistan’s total loss since it has been fighting the war against terrorism may have crossed the $125 billion mark in last 17 years. Its estimated so because in the survey of 2016-17 it was at the $123.13 billion.

While speaking to a news source, a government official of top ranking had said that the latest estimates of poverty and the cost incurred due to war against terror will be part of the Economic Survey of 2017-18. The survey is expected to be released Thursday afternoon.


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