Finance Minister Asad Umar will chair ECC meeting today


Finance Minister Asad Umar will chair the Economic Coordination Committee or ECC meeting today (Monday).

In ECC meeting today, Asad Umar and other members are expected to approve Rs2.04 per unit rise in electricity prices. The summary regarding the subsidy for agricultural tube well customers in Balochistan is also included in the agenda.

ECC will approve the increase in electricity prices in Pakistan. However, ECC asked for approval from the PM Imran Khan before the meeting.

Earlier, ECC suggested the Rs 2 per unit hike in electricity prices that will now be formally revealed. According to sources, the new electricity tariff will not impact industrial customers. However, it will affect domestic customers.

In August, Prime Minister Imran Khan formed a 12 member ECC. Petroleum Minister Ghulam Abbasi, Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid, Law Minister Farogh Naseem, Planning and Development Minister Khusro Bakhtiar are included. In addition, PM’s advisers Dr Ishrat Hussain and Razak Dawood are also a part of committee.


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