Gas and Electricity Prices in Pakistan can be raised


According to sources, Gas and electricity prices in Pakistan may observe the raise in next few days.

Electricity prices in Pakistan are expected to increase as power distribution companies have also requested Rs. 201 billion extra receipts from NEPRA. The hearing took place in Islamabad on March 3rd, which has been decided. In addition to the Electricity, all other distribution companies have requested different users to get money from different adjustments.

On the other side, Gas Prices in Pakistan are expected to increase by 144% as SSGC and SNGPL sent petitions to OGRA. According to sources, new gas prices will be effective from July 2019. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited asked 144% increase per MMBTU (Metric Million British Thermal Unit) while Sui Southern Gas Company asked 18% increase.

In addition, OGRA will hold discussions on SNGPL and SSGCL’s petitions and apprise the Petroleum Division regarding its decision. The final decision regarding a hike in gas tariffs will be taken by the federal government.


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