Gold price today in Pakistan, 13 December 2019


Gold price today for 13 December 2019 can be seen here.

Gold price today in Pakistan is Rs. 66,379 22K per 10 grams, Rs. 84,450 24K per tola, and Rs. 72,399 24K per 10 grams. It is noted that these prices vary on city to city basis and observe fluctuation on daily basis.

Gold has constantly been the chief love for women since the modernizaion as much as it is today. In the medieval occasions, it was exchanged for the item to be sold or acquired rather than cash. The estimation of this part in Pakistan, before the section of the British Regime, was in like manner assessed in the near way.

Sometime prior the expenses in a solitary nation were absolutely different from another, which made it a remarkable metal for general trade. In perspective on the climb of shared trade, all around facilitated keeping cash structure and related economies, the paces of this important segment have key importance in the overall circumstance.

City Name 24K (Per 10 Gm) 24K (Per Tola) 22K (Per 10 Gm)
Karachi 72,399 84,450 66,379
Hyderabad 72,399 84,450 66,379
Lahore 72,399 84,450 66,379
Multan 72,399 84,450 66,379
Islamabad 72,399 84,450 66,379
Faisalabad 72,399 84,450 66,379
Rawalpindi 72,399 84,450 66,379
Quetta 72,399 84,450 66,379


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