Gold Rate in Pakistan Reached a Greater New High Since 2012


Karachi: Gold Rate in Pakistan seen a significant rise as it reached the highest benchmark of the last five years. According to Sindh Sarafa Association, One Tola gold rate is now Rs. 60,000. The rise of Rs. 450 per Tola has been seen in Gold Rate in Pakistan.

Since 2012, It is a first occasion from September 2012 when per tola prices reached the benchmark of 60,000. 10 Gram gold has seen a rise of Rs. 386 and reached at Rs. 51,428.  In addition, 22 carat gold price also reached to Rs. 47,142.

Gold Rate in International Market is also increased as gold rate has seen a rise of 6 Dollars per ounce.

Causes of Rise in Gold Rate in Pakistan

There are several reasons that are causing rise in gold prices in Pakistan. The current conflict and war state in Syria is severely affecting oil and commodities pricing. Gold rates have dramatically increased in the international market due to the chaos in the Middle East Region.

However, some investors and financial analysts are also considering the devaluation of Pakistani currency as a reason of higher gold prices. The unstable state of Pakistani Rupee is significantly affecting gold rates.

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