Gold rate today in Pakistan, 14 December 2019 – 24K, 22K prices


Gold rate in Pakistan for 24K, 22K are now updated.

Gold rate today for 14 December 2019 is Rs 84,400 per tola of 24 Karat gold. On the other side, per 10 gm of 24 Karat gold price is Rs 72,359.

It is noted that from a long time, gold is considered as a high value metal and is widely utilized for different purposes. Gold noted a increase in its demand and value and because of this the gold price is also increasing in Pakistan and other countries. It is also a preferred choice for investors. The global recession in last few years increased gold rate.

Gold Price in Pakistan – Per Tola, 10 Gm

You can check the updated gold rates gathered from different local saraf bazars.

City Name 24K (Per 10 Gm) 24K (Per Tola) 22K (Per 10 Gm)
Karachi 72,359 84,400 66,329
Hyderabad 72,359 84,400 66,329
Lahore 72,359 84,400 66,329
Multan 72,359 84,400 66,329
Islamabad 72,359 84,400 66,329
Faisalabad 72,359 84,400 66,329
Rawalpindi 72,359 84,400 66,329
Quetta 72,359 84,400 66,329


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