Gwadar Port Aims To Beat Dubai With Ongoing Developments


Gwadar Port is going to be a new Dubai as the Pakistani government is looking to transform a small fishing town into a strategic port. In addition, Pakistani officials are also looking to transform Gwadar into a free economic zone and free port. Gwadar port is an integral part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. It also has a tendency to become the regional shipping and commercial hub. Gwadar Port will significantly boost Pakistan’s economy as it provides shorter trading route to China. However, China will trade to the Middle East and further through this secure trade route.

Recent Developments in Gwadar

The current population of Gwadar is 100,000 that would be expected to grow till 500,000 in 2020. Local community believes that the government should provide basic facilities to the people. They are demanding health, electricity, and water in their area. However, two distillation plants have been established with the help of Chinese authorities. The larger one provides around 400,000 gallon per day while the shorter one offers 200,000 gallon of drinking water. In addition, the Pakistani Army is also building a large sanitation plant with the assistance from Switzerland and UAE. The Chinese company is also planning to start 300 MW coal based power plant to provide hassle free electricity to Gwadar. A new road will be also built that will connect the port to the Makran Coastal Highway. However, Makran Coastal Highway connects Karachi to Gwadar. An airport will be build that will be the largest airport of Pakistan.


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