Mitsubishi energy subsidiary is interested for investment in Pakistan


Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources revealed that Mitsubishi energy subsidiary and other companies are looking to make investment in Pakistan.

Mitsubishi energy subsidiary, Mitsubishi Tabeer Energy, is interested in investment in Pakistan. However, Ghulam Sarwar Khan assured the interested companies looking for invest in gas sector of Pakistan that govt will offer all possible facilities and cooperation to them.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the investment in gas sector is dire needed due to the ever increasing energy demands in Pakistan. He further added that after observing the great potential, several international companies were in contact with government for the investment in hydrocarbon sector.

The foreign delegation expressed their confidence that Tabeer Energy will play the key role in meeting energy demands of Pakistan. In addition, the country manager revealed that Pakistan had the great potential in hydrocarbon resources, that is needed to be discover efficiently.


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