Mobile Phone Imports Increased By 14.5 Percent During Last Few Months


Mobile phone users are significantly increasing in Pakistan which is seen visible from high mobile imports. However, mobile imports were $526 million during July-February 2017-18, higher than the imports of the previous period of July-February 2016-17 that is $459.38 million.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) released the data which revealed the significant rise of mobile imports in Pakistan. According to their data, imports rose to the figure of $69.78 million in February 2018 as compared to $60.03 during February 2017.

While analyzing year on year basis, total telecom imports in February 2018 were rose by 25.6% and 57.9% when it is compared to February 2017 imports. In addition, the telecom import was $101.415 million in February 2017 but, it was recorded $127.38 million in February 2018.


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