NADRA disables bank account biometric verification through apps


National Database and Registration Authority disabled the bank account biometric verification via mobile apps.

The bank account biometric verification is now disabled through the mobile apps by NADRA. As per sources, the authority asked for the regulatory approval from SBP or State Bank of Pakistan. It is believed that the decision will slow down the bank account biometric verification process.

It is noted that different banks such as Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered Bank, Meezan Bank, and Silk Bank announced the mobile applications for customers. According to sources, NADRA is asking for permission from SBP to resume the bank account biometric verification via apps under new policy.

According to NADRA, they had signed the agreement with banks for the biometric verification of just accounts and apps and ATMs are not covered under that agreement.

On the other side, banks believe that SBP should take notice of this matter and resume the option to speed up the biometric verification of bank accounts.


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