New Gwadar Airline Service Launched in Pakistan


A new Gwadar Airline Service has been launched for people wanting to travel to Gwadar, which has added another private airline to the country. Its flights run between Lahore, Karachi and other cities of the country. In a press conference in Lahore, the CEO of new Gwadar Airline Chaudhry Naeem Ghaman announced the launching of the airlines.

Benefits of the New Gwadar Airline Service’s Launching

Chief Executive Officer Naeem Ghaman said that the Airline has been started for Gwadar Golf City project. The service has now launched for Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Karachi and will be available from the correspondent airports. He said that the airline service has been launched keeping in view the long time of travel for business people. Real estate and developers will have a significant ease in the journey from the airline and the long hours of the journey will be reduced. With Increase in business projects in Gwadar due to the CPEC project, people from many countries are visiting the port city for investment and business planning purposes.

CPEC project has also increased residential development in the once unpopulated city of Baluchistan, so this airline will be beneficial for the purpose of people visiting the city for purchase or development of property. Chaudry Naeem Ghaman said that businessmen had a lot of problems travelling for their CPEC business projects. But now, through this flight operation, we will create easy access for business people from all over the world, who have to visit Gwadar from all over the world.


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