New Tax Amnesty Scheme 2019: PM Imran Khan will chair meeting today


Prime Minister Imran Khan will chair a meeting of the federal cabinet to discuss the prevailing economic and political situation of the country and Tax Amnesty Scheme.

Among the agendas to be discussed at the meeting is the proposed tax amnesty scheme. The cabinet will also be briefed on proposed measures to control prices of essential commodities amid rising inflation, sources said.

It is also expected to discuss the $6 billion bailout package agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund.

Furthermore, the cabinet is likely to approve a counsellor policy for the assistance of imprisoned Pakistanis and appointment of judges in special courts of Karachi and Quetta, among other matters.

A day ago, newly appointed chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbar Zaidi said the government’s focus was to enhance direct tax net to improve the economy.

He said he would try to make changes in the tax collection system, adding that data from non-filers would be collected to include them into the tax net.


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