No consideration to discontinue Rs 5000 Notes: Minister for Finance


Asad Umer has denied the reports with respect to discontinuation of Rs 5000 notes

Minister for finance and revenue, Asad Umer has denied the reports with regards to discontinuation of Rs 5,000 notes and termed reports being circulated on social media as baseless.

Conversing with media outside the Parliament House, he said that no such proposition was underthought. He said that the legislature was resolved to lessen destitution in the nation and included that as of now the most critical issue was to enhance foreign exchange reserves.

He said that the government had already adopted austerity measures on the special directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan, which would help in strengthening the country’s economy.

Reports were going rounds on the social media, claiming that the government was about to discontinue Rs 5000 notes in days to come prompting panic among the public. As the reports went viral, the government decided to clarify on the matter as lack of official word was throwing people into disarray.


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