Pak Afghan Trade Relations Improves, Afghan Minister Will Visit Pakistan


Islamabad: The significant progress in Pak Afghan trade relations, Afghan Deputy Minister of Commerce Kamila Siddiqui will take Pakistan’s May 8, which has been confirmed by the Afghan government.

According to sources, there has been an important milestone regarding the promotion of trade relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the Afghan government has confirmed Pakistani officials about the visit of Afghan Deputy Minister Kamila Siddiqui to Pakistan, and it is informed that Afghan Deputy Trade Minister will visit Pakistan on May 8.
Sources said that after the appointment of the Afghan Deputy Minister for Trade, the work has been started on preparing agenda agreements, and the final agenda will be finalized with respect to Pak Afghan Trade in the next few days.

According to sources, it was not yet determined how many days would be the visit of the Afghan Deputy Minister of Commerce. Sources have expressed hope that during the negotiations, consultation will be consulted with two bilateral trade and various Afghan transit trades. According to sources, commercial activities have been limited due to different reasons for both the countries and the transit trade has decreased.

It is clear that during the last fiscal year, the transit of Afghan transit trade in Pakistan has increased from the US $ 1 billion to $ 46 billion during the last fiscal year, while the Afghan Transit Trade volume exceeded $ 2 billion in the last fiscal year. During the year 2015-16, Afghan Transit trade volume exceeded $ 3 billion 45 million, during 2014-15, the volume of Afghan transit trade was over $ 3 billion. According to sources, Afghan transit trade volume was over $ 2 billion over 2013-14


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