Pak Rupee against Dollar remains almost unchanged


US Dollar to PKR ratio remains same in the country in the inter bank market.

Pak Rupee against Dollar stood as the USD to PKR remains almost unchanged. In the inter-bank market, Dollar closed on Monday at Rs 138.71 / Rs 138.99. However, on Friday, it was closed at Rs 138.73 / Rs 138.98 in the inter bank market.

Last month, in the intra day trading, the Pakistani Rupee hit the all time low of Rs 144 against the US Dollar. However, it later recovered to Rs 139.05 after the 6th round of Rupee devaluation since December last year.

Earlier, Imran Khan said that SBP did not inform the government about the rupee devaluation. He further added that he found about the news through television.

According to financial analysts, Rupee devaluation is becoming a huge concern for the trade and industry. USD to PKR ratio and the high interest rate is making the environment unfavorable to doing business.


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