Pakistan Gold Rate: How to invest in gold


The gold is regarded as the precious metal not just in the global market but also in Pakistan. Here we provided latest Pakistan gold rate and the methods to make better investment.

Although, Pakistan gold rate is constantly increasing but it cannot undermine its significance. Allah blessed Pakistan with different minerals such as gold, copper, chromite, coal, bauxite, and mineral salt. In addition, it is believed that Reko Diq has high deposits of gold and copper.

How to Invest in Gold in Pakistan?

The demand for gold in Pakistan usually arises from 2 key sources that are investors and jewelry markets. However, demand in the country just represents a low amount of the global demand.

To make investment, you can buy gold in several forms including the bullion coin forms and bullion bar. Collectible gold coins are also a feasible option. In addition, you can utilize gold jewelry as the key investment rather than just an adornment.

What are the Benefits to Invest in Gold?

Gold has always been considered a good source of wealth and value, and has a rich history of thousand years. The precious metal not just has a great potential for the price appreciation, but also a good protection against currency depreciation and inflation.

What is the Latest Gold Price in Pakistan?

Here are the per tola and per 10 gm gold rates in Pakistan.

City Gold Rate
24K (10 gm) 24K (Tola) 22K (10 gm)
Karachi 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Hyderabad 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Lahore 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Multan 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Islamabad 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Faisalabad 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Rawalpindi 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00
Quetta 64,730.00 75,500.00 59,335.00


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