Pakistan Stock Exchange Observed Decline Yesterday


KARACHI: Pakistan Stock Exchange faced a significant decline in points on Thursday. Investors lost their hard earned money because of the drop in share prices. Investors also believe that Supreme Court’s decision against the former Prime Minister of Pakistan could also result in the decline in share prices.

Performance of Pakistan Stock Exchange on 12th April 2018

Yesterday, in Pakistan stock exchange, the KSE 100 index closed by 154.79 points to 46331.71 points, According to details, trading on the fourth day of the week was negative on Friday, after which the KSE 30 Index closed at 23240.02 points from 86.06 points. Similarly, the KSE All Share Index dropped 37.23 points while the KMI index recorded a record 24.10 points. Banks Tradeable Index closed by 122.61 points to 17839.85 points, while Oil & Gas Tradeable index closed by 81.02 points to 21827.55 points. PSX – KMI index closed by 64.45 points to 23041.56 points. The share of the total 400 companies in the market was transcribed, out of which 161 shares were sharp, 219 companies lost their share of shares and 20 shares remained stable. In total, around 33 million shares were traded in the total volume of the trade volume of Rs. 10 billion 21,014,011,891. In the futures trading, the price of 116 companies rose sharply, the price of 33 shares remained sharp while trading of 4.46 million 43 thousand shares was traded.


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