Pakistani Rupee against UAE Dirham Declined by PKR 0.10 as AED to PKR Exchange Rate on 22 August 2019


AED to PKR (Pakistani Rupee) or UAE Dirham rate in Pakistan open market rate is now updated. The selling rate is declined by 0.23% or 10 paisas. However, the selling rate is declined from Rs 43.25 to Rs 43.15 today. The buying rate was Rs 42.75 and did not face any fluctuation.

From a last few months, the AED to PKR has seen a tremendous raise. However, the increasing  UAE Dirham rate in Pakistan  is affecting the prices of products that Pakistan import from United Arab Emirates. The prices of different Emirati products have been increased due to the fluctuation in Arab Emirates Dirham rates.

It is expected that the AED to PKR will be further increased in the upcoming days. In the last 30 days, the Arab Emirates Dirham rate averages at Rs 43.44 with the high and low of Rs 43.9 and Rs 43 respectively. However, in the last 90 days, the UAE Dirham averages at Rs 42.68 with the high and low of Rs 44 and Rs 40.3 respectively.


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