Pakistani Startups Continue Attracting Global Investors

Pakistani startups have so far attracted nearly $300 million as investments in 2021.

According to a foreign media outlet, Pakistani startups garnered a lot of attention from global investors. These investors believe Pakistan is an untapped market.

Fundraising has helped beauty start up �Bagallery� and travel startup �Bookme� to get $6 million each.

The amount of investment in Pakistani startups has never been this high. Pakistan has huge potential to attract foreign funding since it has remained largely untapped.

Companies at the stock exchange were not able to raise money as much as Pakistani startups did.

For instance, an early investor in Google and Amazon, Kleiner Perkins invested in Pakistani startups for the first time along with other global venture capital firms.

A report by the foreign media outlet added that the e-commerce industry is picking up with online retail accounting.



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