Panwalas and kiryanas now within the fold of ecommerce with Daraz Dukaan


The white-and-orange Daraz logo has become ubiquitous. Over the past year, 1672 small brick-and-mortar retail stores, panwalas and kiryanawalas located across the country have been branded as Daraz Dukaans and find themselves within the fold of ecommerce – a space that offers opportunities to digitise, scale and tap into new revenue streams.

As a result, neighbourhood grocery  and medical stores have witnessed an increase in their footfall while panwalas – even those located in remote areas – now have access to technology. This strong network of Daraz Dukaans was established last year, boosting the physical presence of the country’s leading online marketplace.

Daraz Dukaans are an integral part of Daraz’s ecosystem, serving as important touchpoints for customer interaction. Business owners have been positioned as Daraz representatives to help customers with returns and refunds process.

More importantly, small retailers have been provided access to Daraz’ catalogue of 7 million products (rapidly going on to 8 million as 11.11 gets closer) resulting in their inventory increasing by many folds.

“Daraz made it possible for me to have an inventory of 7 million products in this small store,” says Salman, a store owner in Faisalabad.

Due to the access they have to a large assortment of products, retailers are able to able to provide customers with products that they are not able to find in brick-and-mortar stores by helping them place orders online. In turn, they earn a commision for every order. These shops will also be part of the Gyara Gyara mega sale starting November 11. On Gyara Gyara (11.11), shop owners will be getting access to the world’s biggest sale with over 50 crores worth of discounts on 8 million products.

“Customer footfall has increased. Before customers would go to other shops if something wasn’t available but now we order it for them from Daraz,” says Hamza, owner of Nafia Communication in Karachi. Daraz Dukaans are located not only in major metropolitan cities but also in smaller, remote towns. As a result, customers living in areas with low internet penetration and limited access to technology are able to shop online.

“Initially, Daraz Dukaan was a small part of my life but now its a major source of revenue for my business,” says Faheem, the owner of Logical Communication, a store in Hyderabad.

Daraz is on a mission to lead Pakistan into the digital age by 2022. Through initiatives such as Daraz Dukaans, the company has been able to intensively and extensively expand the scope of the ecommerce industry in Pakistan and shape online commerce to become  ready alternative to brick-and-mortar stores.


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