Petrol price in Pakistan increased again by Rs 6 per liter


The government increased the petrol price in Pakistan by Rs 6 per liter on Sunday (yesterday).

New petrol price in Pakistan is now Rs 98.89 per liter. On the other side, high speed diesel price in Pakistan was also increased by Rs 6 per liter, taking it to Rs 117.43 per liter.

Similarly, kerosene oil and light diesel oil price in Pakistan were also increased by Rs 3 per liter. New prices are Rs 89.31 and Rs 80.54 per liter. New petrol prices in Pakistan are effective from April 1 (today).

Earlier, OGRA or Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had recommended Rs 11.92 per litre increase in the price of petrol, according to sources. Similarly, OGRA had suggested Rs 11.17 and Rs 6.65 per litre hike in price of high speed diesel and kerosene oil respectively. It had also recommended Rs 6.50 increase in the price of light diesel oil.


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