Petrol Price in Pakistan: What you should Know

Recently, the petroleum prices in Pakistan are revised by the government. Here is some key information that you should know regarding the fluctuating oil prices.

The recent petrol price in Pakistan is Rs 114.24 as it has seen a raise of Rs 1. However, the new price is came into effect from November 1.

OGRA or Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority is the sole power to direct the activities of oil and gas just as they additionally maintains the petroleum prices in Pakistan. Nonetheless, the petrol price in Pakistan is consistently ups and down in light of the fact that the pace of oil relies on a few factors which incorporate; monetary conditions, universally change in oil and gas, political precariousness and so forth.

On the month to month basis, OGRA analyze the high speed diesel, kerosene oil, petrol rate, light speed diesel prices and make changes accordingly.


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