PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Address at Boao Forum in China


Beijing: Prime Minister Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who was leading the Pakistani delegation at Boao Forum for Asia, said that the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is at our doorstep. He added that he is much honored to be able to address all the important figures of world on this occasion. He said that China and Pakistan are like brother states and that China is playing the biggest part in trading amongst Asian countries.

PM Abbasi on CPEC plan and Business in Pakistan

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the CPEC advent between the two countries has brought them closer as brothers; he added that building industry on the highways and motorways of the CPEC was one of the important points of the plan. He also stated that Pakistan has always opened up opportunities for business and trade to everyone without discrimination and that doing so would be beneficial for the economy of the states. He also added that Alibaba, which is one of the biggest e-market sites, has shown interest in doing business in Pakistan. CPEC will open up many opportunities of investment for various other countries other than China and Pakistan, CPEC has already opened up tons of opportunities for the people of both countries.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Addresses Boao Forum

Prime Minister Khaqan Abbasi said that China has flourished and developed under the leadership of the current Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to the forum earlier and had stated that China is one of the 2 biggest Economies, one being United States. He stated that China is playing one of the most important roles in world trade and even though they are facing much hurdles they want to increase their imports even more by the end of the year. He also added that China does not make any deals unfavorable to the other country, addressing the critics of the CPEC initiative, adding that China does not have any geopolitical ulterior motives.


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