PSX Weekly Review: KSE 100 Index raised by 967 points


The investors’s interest over the Pakistani stock market is increasing with the passage of time.

PSX Weekly Review – The PSX has gone through another positive week from August 31 to September 4. The KSE 100 index is incresed or raised by 967 points in a single week. Now, Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index is stood at 42,023 points.

On August 31, KSE 100 Index began at 41,056 points and closed on September 4 at 42,023 points with the total gain of 967 points.

Summary of KSE 100 Index

  • Opening: 41,056
  • Closing: 42,023
  • Points Gained: 967
  • Percentage Gained: 2.4%


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