PTI’s Government announced new petrol price in Pakistan


Islamabad: The federal government revealed the new petrol Price in Pakistan effective from today.

The newly formed federal government announced new petrol price in Pakistan effective from September 1 (today). However, according to a notification, petroleum prices are reduced by as much as Rs 6.37.

The price of petrol decreased by Rs 2.41 and moved to Rs 92.83 per liter. However, the old price was 95.24 per liter. High Speed Diesel lower down by Rs 6.37 and now it is Rs 106.57 per liter. The old price was Rs 112.94 per liter.

The Light diesel oil price increased by Rs 0.59 and the new price is Rs 75.96 per liter. However, the price of Super Kerosene oil is reduced by Rs 0.46 and now the new price is Rs 83.5 per liter.


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